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Our bases

Toyoflex Corporation Head Office

  • Head Office

Head Office develops, manufactures and sells products using its technology of mini-ropes as its core.

Address 9F, S-tec Information Building, 24-1, Nishishinjuku1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Tel, Fax Tel: +81-3-5909-4801 (Main)
Fax: +81-3-5909-4806

Toyoflex Corporation Towada Factory

  • Towada Factory
  • Towada Factory

Towada Factory is engaged in research and development with high-level consciousness and technical power to meet sophisticated needs of Toyoflex's customers.
As a technical development base, Towada Factory internally designs, develops and manufactures equipment ranging from production equipment to jigs and tools to inspection machines and testing machines, and provides them to each group's base.

Address 4-41, Aza Shiraue, Oaza Osaka, Towada, Aomori 034-0041
Tel, Fax Tel: +81-176-24-3320
Fax: +81-176-24-3323
Ground-floor area 7,888㎡ (84,906ft2)
Building floor area 2,985㎡ (32,130ft2) 1st to 4th shops

Roles as a technical development base

  • Development of high-durability and high-reliability ropes
  • Development of medical treatment tool coils
  • Design and manufacture of injection molds and press dies
  • Development and manufacturing of production equipment and inspection equipment to be used by each group's base

Toyoflex Cebu Corporation
(Cebu Device Factory)

  • Cebu Device Factory
  • Cebu Device Factory

In 1996, we established our manufacturing department under the name Toyoflex Cebu Corporation at the Mactan Export Manufacturing Zone in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, the Philippines, in order to meet the needs of our customers for quantitative expansion.
At present, as a core factory of the Toyoflex group, Cebu Device Factory is engaged in a consistent production from wire drawing to wire twisting and terminal processing for wire ropes.

Address 5th St, 3rd Ave., Peza, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, the Philippines (Zip code 6015)
Tel, Fax Tel: +63-32-340-5880
Fax: +63-32-340-5830
Ground-floor area Total ground-floor area of factory: 24,975㎡ (268,837ft2)
1st shop: 10,000㎡ (107,639ft2)
2nd shop: 2,722㎡ (29,299ft2)
3rd shop: 6,938㎡ (74,680ft2)
4th shop: 5,315㎡ (57,210ft2)

Production items

  • Stainless steel and steel wire rope assemblies
  • Power window regulator cables for automobiles
  • Wire rope assemblies for office automation equipment
  • Tungsten wire rope assemblies
  • Medical treatment tool coil springs

Toyoflex Cebu Corporation
(Cebu Medical Factory)

  • Cebu Medical Factory

As the 3rd mass-production base for medical equipment of the Asahi Intecc group, we have established Toyoflex Cebu Medical Factory.

Address Lot 14, Block 2, Main Road, CLIP, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, CEBU, PHILIPPINES (ZIP CODE 6015)
Tel +63-32-340-0913
Ground-floor area Total ground-floor area of factory: 24,517㎡ (263,899ft2)