Wire & Mechanism

As a “research and development based” business company,
we convert your needs into tangible forms.

  • Research and Development

  • Wire ropes

    Wire ropes

    From wire drawing to rope twisting to coating, we produce mini-ropes in-house by making the best use of our world-top technology.

  • Terminal processing

    Terminal processing

    We attach our original or commercially-availa­ble metal terminals and parts to our wire ropes. This enriches their characteristics and func­tions.

  • Outer casing coils

    Outer casing coils

    Outer casings, used for operating wire ropes, protect the ropes and smooths their sliding movements to enhance the degree of roping freedom.

  • Unit products

    Unit products

    We combine various terminals and outers with our wire ropes to make products according to your needs.

  • Forming molds and dies

    Forming molds and dies

    Having design and manufacturing departments for molds and dies and equipped with 3D CAD/­CAM systems, various processing machines and forming machines and measurement equip­ment, we can design and manufacture high-precision resin molding molds and press dies.